Friday, April 22, 2005


is forthcoming. I wrote a wretched review of Prototype by Bodies Without Organs, and it was even more horrific as posted. So I'm not gonna link. You can look it up if you really want.

This is mostly a reminder to myself to post about recent listening: BwO, Brendan Benson live, Bloc Party, fucking Bright Eyes, Crooked Fingers, Daft Punk (this blog's namesake), the Decemberists, M.I.A., Spoon, Stereo Total, and Venetian Snares. So. Much. To look forward to.


Blogger Eric Henderson said...

Yes, I'm curious as to why your blog is named after that wicked, destructive, petulant, compelling album.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Vadim said...

I named it before I heard it. I made the incorrect assumption that it would be awesome. Also I dug the sort of transcendant implication that this would be their grand synthesis of robotics and emotion, leading us boldly into the 21st century, etc. Oh well.

Good job taking up my cause dude. Even despite my fierce hipster patina. (This is one of the most awesome things anyone has said about me lately.)

1:15 PM  

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