Thursday, October 18, 2007

Indie 500

News, as promised:

Thanks to House Next Door editor and all-round nice guy Keith Uhlich, I'm now on board as a biweekly music blogger. The format's a little different — gotta explain who some bands are for the folks at home, as opposed to just spouting off whatever I think here without context — but hopefully nothing too jarring for you, my 4 fans. I'll be posting links here regularly, as well as some other stuff (best-of mixes, some housecleaning, etc.), so no worries about this disappearing. Here's to a bigger audience, fame, fortune, free-lance fees, etc. (No, I'm not getting paid, but it's more than worth it for the increased exposure.) The title is a nod to that fine Wrens song; this week's bands are Emma Pollock, UGK, Fiery Furnaces and (blast from the past) Superdrag.


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