Thursday, February 28, 2008


More for me to keep track of all the linkage as it proliferates than anything. This blog is apparently dead otherwise, sorry.

Indie 500:
12/27: 1990s, Burial, The Brunettes

1/10: Top 10 of 2007 + Remainders

1/24: Radar Bros., The Magnetic Fields, Cardinal

2/7: Vampire Weekend, Cat Power, The Dø

2/21: Beach House, There Will Be Blood, Rock Band + the return of eternal troll Brandon Soderberg

Onion A.V. Club (the so-called big news, although I'm personally rather thrilled):
Eric Matthews, The Whigs, The Shackeltons, Barton Carroll, Morcheeba

I'll be in Paste soon too. Weird.


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